The Broadberry WINS April Fools Day

Miley Cyrus is NOT, Absolutely 100% NOT Playing at The Broadberry on May 1st.


We apologize for anyone who got seriously hurt by this April Fools “prank” and sincerely hope it does not affect your patronage.The attention on this event is just as expected, and we appreciate each and every one of you for your continued support.

The timing was too good to not try and pull this off for April 1st. The Clancy Report (which is a bogus source btw) released just days earlier that Miley was moving to Richmond. Wouldn’t that be wild? What would be even more wild is the idea of her playing here, let alone at The Broadberry!

But hey, who knows? Maybe Miley will catch wind of this and actually contact us for a show! One can dream, right? And we promise you, if that does happen – we absolutely will not fool you twice!

In the meantime, check out our other shows happening this week and come by and say hey. Heck, have your own party here – come check us out, this place is filled with endless possibilities.

Keep on keepin’ on Richmond, nothing but love from The Broadberry Miley Cyrus NOt playing at The Broadberry