DJ Williams Projekt | Live at The Broadberry



The Broadberry had the chance to host DJ Williams Projekt again as they played their 13th Anniversary Show on June 4th. This show was recorded live and captured for you to listen to here. The show was sweet but sad as DJ Williams will be moving California in the near future to further pursue his career in music.

D.J Williams – Guitar, Vocals
Todd Herrington – Bass
Dusty Ray Simmons – Drum Set, Vocals
Ben “Wolfe” White – Keys, Vocals
Gordon Jones – Sax
Mark Ingraham – Trumpet
Scott Flynn – Trombone
Jacob Larson – Percussion


01 Introduction
02 Power of Soul
03 The Mangle
04 Monk Strap
05 This World
06 Phyllis
07 Unknown*
08 Got to Get Better*
09 The Keeper
10 Light my Fire^
11 Smells Like Teen Spirit
12 Lay Bells
13 Quitters Never Win%
14 James River
15 My Baby Likes to Boogaloo*
16 Unknown
17 All I Do
18 Banter
19 Funky Buttercup#

*Featuring Andrew Trongone
^Featuring Sam Reed
%Featuring Andrew Trongone and Roger Carrol
#Featuring Brian Mahne

Photo Credit: Kai Eason

Collection DJWilliamsProjekt
Band/Artist The DJ Williams Projekt
Venue The Broadberry
Location Richmond, VA

Source Zoom H6 (ZF’s recording feed + Oktava MK012 room mics @ FOH)
Taped by Zach Fichter


We picked out some tracks to be featured here below. To listens to the full set click here.