Chris Knight | Live @ The Broadberry June 16th

Chris Knight is an American country singer and writer from Slaughters, Kentucky who has written songs for Confederate Railroad, John Anderson, and Randy Travis and others. He is best known for his Montgomery Song “She Couldn’t Change Me”. During his career as a musician he has been compared to other artists such as Steve Earle and John Prine. Due to his amount of popularity in Texas he has been named an “Honorary Texan” by Governor Rick perry.

When he was three years old he asked for a plastic guitar for Christmas and from there at age 15 he would teach himself how to play John Prine songs on his older brother’s guitar. Knight started composing his own songs at age 26 but didn’t start performing until he was 30. After six years of perfecting songs about small town America, Knight came to Nashville and won a spot on a songwriter’s night at the Bluebird Cafe. His songs eventually got the attention of Frank Liddell who signed him onto a publishing deal with Bluewater Music at age 37.

Red11 Music states “he began writing music about people, places, and pain that he’s seen, known, and continues to live. His carefully honed character sketches and surely placed narratives evoke real rural life more accurately and honestly than anything you’ll hear on pop-country radio- not just the glory and the romance of ordinary southern existence, but the darkness and the disappointments. Chris Knight’s characters have dirt under their fingernails and life behind their eyes. His live shows stay with you like a long hot summer”.

Playboy has raved “Knight can break your heart with his singing, but the songwriting here is even stronger” about his 2003 release The Jealous Kind.

“For 15 years, 7 acclaimed albums and a hard-nosed career that’s been hailed as “where Cormac McCarthy meets Copperhead Road”, Knight has always let his music do most of the talking. And on record – as well everywhere across America, from roadhouse taverns to major-city concert halls – his songs have had plenty to say. But with his new album Little Victories, Chris Knight has taken the discussion to a whole new level. His first album of new material in 4 years, Little Victories is a record of blunt honesty, elegiac truths and the raw rural poetry of an artist who’s come into his own and intends to stay. And for a performer who’s been compared over the years to Cash, Prine, Earle and Nebraska-era Springsteen, Knight now stands alone as a singer/songwriter that has carved his own idiosyncratic sound and sensibility out of the dirt road American dream. Little Victories not only sounds like a Chris Knight album, but the best Chris Knight album yet.So after 15 years, 8 albums and a still uncompromised reputation as one of the best singer/songwriters in America, what has Chris Knight learned from it all? “I’ve learned that I’m pretty lucky to do what I do and make a living at it,” he says. “I’m really proud of this record, and it’ll be fun to play these songs live. For people who like my music and maybe even for someone hearing me for the first time, I think they’ll find songs on here that mean something to them and they can hang on to. I don’t want to talk about it too much, but I think people are gonna be surprised.” And for Chris Knight, that’s victory enough.” –Reverb Nation

Chris Knight is playing live at The Broadberry, Thursday June 16th, with singer/songwriter Paulo Franco. You can buy your tickets here.