DJ Williams Project Celebration and farewell.



13 Year Anniversary Show, June 4th @ The Broad-berry

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Come join us at The Broadberry on June 4th as we celebrate the 13th anniversary of DJ Williams Projekt. DJWP is no stranger to The Broadberry stage and has truly become part of our family here as well. We are more than thrilled to host them again, though with bitter-sweet sorrow

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DJ Williams has announced that he will be moving to California shortly in order to further pursue his career in music and production. “I come to you all with a very excited (and somewhat sad) heart to let you know that these next few months in Richmond will be my last as I have decided to relocate to Los Angeles. This town is very much a huge part of my life and I love RVA more than I can put into words but I feel very much like I have hit a wall here and I’m ready to move forward with new adventures, new people, and a new environment. No, this is not the end of DJ WILLIAMS PROJEKT or any other musical endeavor I have been involved in so let’s not get that rumor mill started. This is a new opportunity for me to move forward with my career and my life with the fortuity to succeed elsewhere. I’ve been very fortunate with the support I’ve had and I look forward to still coming home and putting on shows and visiting all my favorite people and spots but I still would like to make the best of this summer and relish in all of RVA that I can before I go and I hope to see all of your lovely faces around. Much love” ( DJ Williams via Facebook).

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We will be sad to see such a revolutionary and talented artist go, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate now! June 4th will be a day of remembrance and celebration as we embark on the 13th anniversary of the formation of DJ Williams Projekt. We invite all to come and enjoy the show! Below is a video of just one of the many moments that DJWP has graced the stage, right here at The Broadberry.

Video by Chris Larson. “The DJ Williams Projekt 2014-06-17 at The Broadberry – LIVE”

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