Meet the SquadBerry

These beautiful people are The Broadberry’s Summer ’16 interns. The Squadberry can be found hanging around The Broadberry working and taking over the Snapchat and Instagram to capture behind the scenes shenanigans. You can also catch them around Richmond hanging out and sometimes giving away free stuff.

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Nijel Christie

Age: 20 | Major: Creative Advertising | Street Team Manager & Graphic Designer

Senior at VCU aiming towards being a struggling artist with a stable career. He’s been making art and creating since he was a child, but it’s been as of recent he’s been able to turn this passion into a career. He has done design work for non profits like RVA Affiliated, for management company Route Runnas, and local businesses like Richmond Young Writers. Being able to work with such a diverse group of clients, from creatives to businesses, has given Nijel amazing experiences with advertising and designing. When he isn’t doing work for others, you can most likely catch Nijel creating art for himself and making music.

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Eduardo Colmenares

Age:21 | Major: Strategic Advertising | Street Team Manager & Graphic Designer

Senior at VCU who has a vague plan about what the year to come will bring him. From doing work for Rich City, a website who dedicates itself to Richmond art and music scene, to starting Jukumari Clinic a curation business that focusing on up and coming artists within Richmond. A true lover of music and the scene that comes with it here in Richmond. From the people in Satellite Syndicate to B.ckwards Haus all have been great influences on what the scene can provide here and for Eduardo it has been a great experience getting to know them throughout his time here and has even started making music of his own.

Cierra Lundy

Age:24 | Major: Public Relations Minor: General Business | Junior Events Coordinator & Marketing and Promotions Intern

Current senior at VCU majoring in Public Relations and minoring in General Business. Cierra is originally from the Richmond area and has always loved the unique and creative atmosphere of this city. Over the years she has been involved in the music scene here in Richmond as a performer as well as a fan and the talent and artistry only continues to grow. Cierra is excited to get to know the community in a whole new light as a Junior Events Coordinator and believes The Broadberry is the perfect place to gain that insight.

Broadberry Intern

Megan Craig

Age: 21 | Major: Strategic Advertising Minor: Art History | Junior Events Coordinator & Marketing and Promotions Intern

Megan is an upcoming senior at VCU who is excited to earn her bachelor’s in advertising. She grew up in the suburbs of Northern Virginia but fell in love with the culture and art of Richmond. Right after she completes school Megan hopes to get her Masters Degree in Strategy at VCU’s Brandcenter. From there, her goal is to work with ad agencies across the country while also having the time to travel and explore the world. Megan has loved seeing live music since she was 14 and is excited for this opportunity to work for The Broadberry.

Broadberry Intern

Rachel Bundy

Age:25 |Major: Film Production, Minor: Journalism | Junior Events Coordinator & Marketing and Promotions Intern

Rachel is currently enrolled at Liberty university, pursuing a degree in film production. She is originally from St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Richmond, Va in 2011. She has always had a passion for life and culture making Richmond the perfect home with its extraordinarily beautiful diversity. The Broadberry is just one more gem within this haven and it has been extremely rewarding to learn the work that goes on behind the music industry.