Modern Baseball brings the “Holy Ghost” to the Broadberry

Modern Baseball

Holy Ghosts Tour w/ Joyce Manor and Thin Lips

June 29th @ The Broadberry


Style and Stage

With their latest release, “Holy Ghost”, Modern Baseball decides to hit the road with another Philadelphia based band, Thin Lips, and California natives,  Joyce Manor. All bands accentuate the emo music vibes while throwing in some punk rock into the mix. From songs about Tinder to songs about not leaving your apartment on a Friday night, the bands touch topics that resonate with their demographic and bring a melodic emo sound to the stage here at The Broadberry.

Thin Lips: Patrick Brier Drums                                                      Photo Credit: Photo Joe

Thin Lips — Bringing Fresh Energy to the Scene

Thin Lips brings fresh voice to the emo punk scene. With a sense of boldness to do whatever they want within the scene, the bands tends to hit you in the face with their short songs and hard hitting pop punk riffs to leave a memorable sound in your ears. Talking to the bands front woman Chrissy at the merch table and asking how their sound came to be she described that they go for “Punk for your sensitive side”, which could not describe their sound any better.

Talking about the Orlando tragedy, the band talked about the importance of safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and raised awareness on the matter. With their song “My Mouth Skinned Like An Apple” the crowds were jamming, moving, and definitely feeling the energy that Thin Lips was putting into the room. Thin Lips definitely set the mood for the rest of the show by bring such good energy into the room and getting the crowd pumped for the following acts.

Joyce Manor @ The Broadberry                                                    Photo Credit: Photo Joe

Joyce Manor — Emo Sound and good vibes

The emo punk sounds of California were brought to us by the guys of Joyce Manor. Their minute and a half, hook filled songs really struck home with the crowd at the show. As soon the band opened with “Derailed” the crowd started rushing towards the stage and jumping into the air. Front man Barry Johnson stage presence was strong but not over whelming at all, constantly making sure that the crowd was having a good time and safe.

Songs like “Leather Jacket” and “The Jerk” really hit home with the crowd, the whole audience starts chanting the lyrics creating a massive sense of unity in a room full of strangers. Their intense chant like hooks is when the crowd got the rowdiest and started multiple push pits and really let everyone have it. They took us back to one of their first releases during their song ” Five Beer Plan”  were everyone in the room was really vibing together.

The guys on stage were all feeling the energy of the room and giving it all they had and put their everything into that last song. Joyce Manor really gave the Modern Baseball guys a run for their money when it came down to best set of the night. This was a good set up for the guys in Modern Baseball since now the crowd was pumped and ready to go, Joyce Manor really did a phenomenal job readying everyone in the crowd for the headliners of the night.


Couple Guys from Philly Just Playing Chill Tunes

The Philadelphia guys of Modern Baseball walk on stage and the album title track starts playing “Holy Ghost” with a slow and softer beginning than the other bands. They then went into the second song of their new album “Wedding Singer” which is were the crowd started to pick up and move around. It wasn’t until the group started playing songs from their second album “You’re Gonna Miss it All” and first album “Sports” that the audience really started getting into the show. Once “Rock Bottom” started playing everyone started rushing the stage, crowd surfing, and belting out lyrics that they’ve memorized down to the perfect timing. The lighting guys were doing a great job of really syncing to the vibes of the room and producing a really good light show.

Modern Baseball – Jake Ewald                                                      Photo Credit: Photo Joe

Bassist Ian Farmer, was intensely jamming on stage giving off some really fierce energy for the audience to enjoy. The bands playful interactions among each other reminds us how they are just some guys in their early 20’s singing about what they personally have experienced in their day to day, which is why their songs can relate to a lot of people. Once the lights went down after “Just Another Face”,  the closing song to their latest album, the crowds starts shouting at the top of their lungs “ONE MORE SONG!”. The light illuminate the stage and the four guys take the stage for one last song.

The Encore to Show That You Just are not Over High School

They tease with a Jackson 5 cover and then Brenden Lukens approaches the mic and teases a Bare Naked Ladies cover, then they really start playing their encore. “Your Graduation” is one of those songs that can turn a still room into a moshing and crowd surfing frenzy, especially when Sean Huber gets up from the drums and sings his part in the song. The song talks about the harsh reality that high school really sucked for most people, but now a couple years have gone by and its time to get over it.  For most of the song the crowd was loud enough that the band did not need to sing at all, the crowd was singing the hook so loud it made the mics seem quiet, the guys really felt the Richmond love with that last song.

Overall the show was an amazing experience full of positive energy and sad boy lyrics from some of the front runner in the emo/punk scene right now. Anyone who missed out should definitely come out whenever ANY of these bands come back to The Broadberry.


—Squadberry, Ed