First Annual Virginia Theatrical Bellydance Festival | Hosted at The Broadberry

First Annual Virginia Bellydance Festival





The Broadberry is excited to announce that we will be hosting the 1st Annual Virginia Theatrical Bellydance Festival right here in our venue. The event is on Sunday, October 2nd, and starts at 6:30pm. General admission is $18 and the advance adult VIP ticket is $28 you can buy your tickets here or here.

Join us for two days of intimate theatrical workshop and professional development for artists followed by a super epic stage show performed by dancers all over the globe.

Bellydancing is known for it’s ability to tell stories, customs, and beliefs of a culture through dance that are pasted dance generation by generation. The dances will have “infinitude of narratives, the hopeful and inspiring, the angry and grieving, the mystic and meaningful.”










These shows are produced by Madmae Onça, known as the Hardest Working Woman in the World in Show Business, and also known as a leader in cultivating stagecraft for dancers. “She is a career entertainer, event producer, internationally touring performer, and published author and artist with twenty years in the arts business. She has taught and performed in Germany, the UK and Czech Republic, as well as across the US, and in international waters. A veteran Tribal Fusion Bellydance instructor, she was the first in the world to be certified by Carolena Nerriccio in General Skills, and has worked with thousands of students of all ages in competitions, colleges, festivals, and everywhere in between.”