Yarn | Live Set | @ The Broadberry

Yarn played an awesome set here at The Broadberry on March 5th 2016 and they recorded it live for you to listen to it here.

Yarn will be back at The Broadberry on September 9th, you can buy tickets for that here.

“The group of four that stuck has two Grammy nominations for past albums “Empty Pockets” and “Almost Home.” And they’re releasing a new album in May. Christiana says it is the best record they’ve done. “We don’t get to listen to the record like a fan putting it on in their car would listen to it. It gets picked apart. There are days where you are kinda indifferent and there are days where you are excited because you are so close to it. There is this song ‘Love Hate’ that was born in the studio — we put it together in the studio, which hasn’t been the case before. The song is usually already there by the time we get to the studio. The song is this dance song, in a way. It is just great,” says Christiana.

He says they are happy to be back in Richmond and really have found a sense of community here.

“We have been playing [Richmond] more often than we used to. It’s just that the fans are amazing, so the demand is there, so we will just come back,” he says. “I mean, as long as you’ll have us, we will be there.” –Richmond Magazine