Stop Light Observations Performing 8/6/16 @ The Broadberry

The Shack up this weekend at The Broadberry will feature a talented rock band out of Charleston, South Carolina called The Stop Light Observations. The band began in 2011 and released their 2013 acclaimed debut album titled “Radiation” which blended arena sized rock with undercurrents of hip-hop and folk.


After achieving success, Stop Light Observations then went on to perform at Bonnaroo and selling out, The Music Farm, Charleston’s largest rock club in less than a year. Influenced by greats such as The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, The Isley Brothers and more, Stop Light Observations has a unique and original sound, unlike any other.


Awaiting to release their new album in less than a month, Stop Light Observations is a fresh, exciting and energetic band, you must check out. For more information on Stop Light Observations visit here. To get your tickets for The Shack Up this weekend, click here.


Don’t forget to check out the videos below by Stop Light Observations.