The World’s Biggest Asshole | The Martin Agency & Donate Life America

The Broadberry had the honor this week to host the Donate Life America launch party for their ad campaign with The Martin Agency. The Martin Agency lives in the heart of downtown Richmond and they are known for their quirky ads with Geico and their Wonderfilled ad campaign with Oreo.

The ads, created for a blood donation organization, target millenials via "the world's biggest asshole." (Courtesy of The Martin Agemcy)

The launch party was presented as a wake for the main character from the video.

The Martin Agency created and filmed a hilarious PSA that tells a story about the world’s biggest asshole who in the end redeems himself when he dies because he was registered as an organ donor.

You can watch the video down below here:

This campaign also features a mural, painted by illustrator Duncan Robertson, which is painted on the side of The Broadberry. The next time you come and see a show with us, make sure to check it out!

"World's Biggest Asshole" "World's Biggest Asshole"








To see a timelapse of the mural being created check out this link:–timelapse/48488

Click here to register as a organ donor today, it only takes about a minute.