BANDA MAGDA with Yeni Nostalji Weds 9/21

BANDA MAGDA w/ Yeni Nostalji LIVE at The Broadberry 9/21 8pm
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  Founded by Greek-born singer, film scorer, and composer Magda Giannikou, Banda Magda moves from samba to French chanson, from Greek folk tunes to Colombian cumbia and Afro-Peruvian lando. Their songs capture the best of mid-century pop ballads and cinematic arranging, drawing on the band’s global background and unchained musicality. Trained in film scoring at Berklee, Giannikou’s film music finesse has won her awards and caught the attention of everyone from Kronos Quartet to   (she sang a duet with CK for the comedian’s TV show).

Live, Banda Magda bursts with humor and quirky sensibility, powered by a unflagging energy. This group of close musical friends turn Giannikou’s songs into engaging romps that have won them a spot with Carnegie Hall Musical Explorers Series, as well as performances at discerning venues and festivals such as Webster Hall, Irving Plaza, The Kennedy Center, The Jefferson Center, Celebrate Brooklyn, Jazz al Parque, St. Moritz Festival Da Jazz, and the Chicago World Music Festival.

After the success of their brilliantly colorful albums, “Amour, t’es là?” (Top 10 Billboard World Music Charts, NPR’s All Songs Considered, First Listen, NPR’s 10 favorite World Music Albums 2013), and “Yerakina” (co-produced by GRAMMY Award-winners Michael League and Fab Dupont), the Banda is in pre-production of their 3rd opus, the vibrant, Technicolor “Tigre” to be released in 2016.

Banda Magda

Banda Magda’s sophomore album “Yerakina” appeared at #2 on the iTunes World Charts. It was co-produced by three-time Grammy Award Nominee Fab Dupont and recent Grammy Award Winner Michael League.

Banda Magda’s Amour, t’es là? was featured on NPR and PRI’s GLOBAL HIT.

On August 8th, 2013 it appeared at #9 on the Billboard World Music Charts.

On August 30th, 2013 the official music video of the track “Ce Soir” was premiered at NPR’s All Songs Considered.

On December 17th, 2013 it made NPR’s TOP 10 World Music albums.

Magda Giannikou’s songs Amour, t’es là? and Ase Na Bo were part of the GRAMMY Award Winning Album “Snarky Puppy Family Dinner, Volume 1”.

Banda Magda is currently in pre-production of their 3rd album/film “TIGRE” which is being crowd-funded via PledgeMusic.



Press Quotes
“An artist who fires on all artistic cylinders” Anastasia Tsioulcas, NPR

“Banda Magda makes music for a new generation.”The Oberlin Review

“The music is as French as a summer kir royale on the Côte d’Azur or as bossa nova as a day at Copacabana.” Tom Schnabel, PRI’s The World

“The musicianship on the album is of the highest order.” Raul da Gama, World Music Report

“Magda Giannikou leads her international band Banda Magda with a sense of joy and orchestration that produces a unique language and cross-cultural experience to the listener.
At least 5 different countries are represented and it all comes out with a fresh voice. Magda is charming to say the least as she leads her group. Her joy is infectious and the band demonstrates the superb level of musical mastery and enthusiasm of what this unique cast of characters brings to the table!” Jamey Haddad, percussionist  (Paul Simon, Esperanza Spalding, Nancy Wilson)

“Bouncy, upbeat, irrepressibly fun music – it is quintessentially New York and cosmopolitan to the extreme.” Delarue, New York Music Daily

“The sound is fresh and retro-hip cool, but not in any contrived way.  The musicians are top-knotch and the songs are well-composed.” Tom Schnabel, KCRW Rhythm Planet

“Amour, T’es Là?” feels like a dream.” Chuck Cambell, Knoxville News

With this record Magda managed to make old sound new, new sound old and make the French language an instrument of its own. Fab Dupont, Music Engineer/Producer

(Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Bebel Gilberto, Sofia Rei)

“My favorite band in the whole world. Music and pure joy.” Michael League, owner of groundUP records, bassist  (Snarky Puppy, Kirk Franklin, Patti Austin, Robert Glasper)

“Some of the greatest cotton candy music with substance to come this way in quite some time. The genre splicing keeps it more than fresh as it sounds like you are at a French samba party on the Ivory Coast, all bottomed by a beat that can’t be beat. You actually feel like you’re listening to music in color. Well done.”
Midwest Record

“It won’t be long before this rising star is selling out arenas…” Good Times Weekly

“Banda Magda’s music is polished to a high pop sheen, but beneath the glossy surface the beats veer off in unexpected directions.
American swing, bossa nova, gypsy jazz, soca, tango and cinematic string charts collide with Middle Eastern and Latin rhythms for tunes that will leave your brain delightfully confused.” J&R Music World

“Banda Magda blitzes from genre to genre and language to language as she handles the crowd with a humble but confident charm.”  Swamp Records Blog



STREAMING (Yerakina Album) (Amour, T’es La? Album)

Banda Magda on iTunes



El Pescador – Yerakina

Sabiá – Yerakina

Amour, t’es là? – Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Vol. 1

Ase me na bo – Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Vol. 1

Amour, t’es là? – Amour, t’es là?

Mouche – Amour, t’es là?

Agua De Beber – LIVE at Musig-Im-Ochsen

Vem Morena – Live at Musig-Im-Ochsen