Meet the Spring ’17 BB Interns!

If you’ve recently bought box office tickets or given the Broadberry a call to say hello, more than likely you’ve talked to one of us! Introducing the Spring 2017 Broadberry Interns! 


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Hello! I’m Gavin, born in NoVa, raised in the middle of nowhere and now I’m here in Richmond. I am currently studying Strategic Advertising at VCU. I’m excited to be at the Broadberry this semester because I have been a musician/music lover for my entire life. I was a proud band geek once upon a time, I can play piano, trumpet and guitar. I also met Elton John once, that was cool. I am an avid reader, runner and guacamole connoisseur.





My name is Amelia Blair Langford from Richmond, Virginia, US and a VCU School of Arts graduate with a BFA in Communication Arts. I am passionate about arts administration, community arts engagement and design which led me to The Broadberry Junior Marketing and Event Coordinating, internship position.

The Broadberry is a phenomenal venue nestled in the city of Richmond that hosts an array of events such as concerts, weddings, corporate meetings and more. Working for The Broadberry, has given me the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge about the entertainment industry and the successful application towards strong marketing, event coordinating, and multimedia. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of The Broadberry’s team and I look forward to the exciting, events that we have in store for Richmond.


image (1)Hey guys! My name is Austin Nichols and I’ve been interning here at the Broadberry for 6 weeks now. I’ve lived here in Richmond for 6 years and recently graduated from VCU in creative advertising. Since I was 18 I’ve indulged in the diverse music scene here in Richmond, from house shows, bar shows, venues and outdoor events there has always been a big craving for new music in this city which I love. Everything from metal, rap, punk, rock, jazz, bluegrass, and maybe some noise (if your into getting weird) there are sounds for anyone to get down to here in RVA and it’s a big part of why I love this city as much as I do. I have always wanted to be more involved in helping the music get to the listeners which is why I have been very excited to have the opportunity to intern here. The Broadberry has been excellent at getting talent into this city from all over for the past 3 years and I’m happy to help out as much as I can. If I’m not working you might run into me at a show around town or tubing down the James river, it’s how I like to rewind in the good ole’ RVA.


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Adrianne here! I’m a recent JMU graduate with a degree in Hospitality and working towards a career in event planning. The great thing about my field of study is the wide range of industries that overlap with the essence of hospitality. I wanted to branch out of the usual restaurant/hotel scene. Music has always been a form of mediation for me, a way to celebrate life’s joys and to ease the troubles. Combining the two was seemingly effortless. I’ve never worked within the music industry, and am grateful to have the opportunity to get to know the ins and outs of the business here at the Broadberry, especially in a city bursting with musical talent. You can catch me at Dogwood Dell with my beast of a dog Louie, down by the James, or hiking a national park. I’m constantly scoping out the music scene, and I love perusing the Richmond’s mind-blowing murals.



13524376_1471229156235983_9105799352509710975_nHey I’m Cole and I’m a Broadcast Journalism student at VCU. I’ve had a strong passion for music from a very early age and love going to shows. Having been involved in the local music scene from high school on, I’ve been fortunate enough to play up and down the east coast in various bands experiencing other scenes and making lifelong memories with some of my best friends. Although performing is behind me, I’ve found a love for videography through my
major and interning at the Broadberry has allowed me to stay involved in the music scene, making videos for the venue as well as the artists coming through RVA. In terms of my passions, I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect internship! When I’m not interning you can find me at the next br00tal HxC show or planning my next travel venture to a different country. Favorite band: Counterparts.


Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 1.16.58 PMHey! I’m Colin Campbell,
a Senior at VCU, in the creative and strategic advertising program. I love being an active member in the Richmond music scene with The Broadberry team. When I’m not working or designing ads, I’m collecting music, playing Nintendo, biking Richmond, or watching movies. Some favorite local artists are The Dharma Bombs and Camp Howard. Some other favorites are Modest Mouse, Glass Animals, and Tame Impala.