Today’s #MUSICMONDAY playlist comes from Broadberry Intern, Cole. In honor of Nails playing tonight at the Broadberry, it features a mix of hardcore, pop-punk, and indie jams that’ll jump start your week and help you crowd-kill those Monday blues away. As Quiet Riot’s Kevin Dubrow once said: “bang your head.”



Nails – There are few bands that get as heavy as Nails. These dudes rip and perform their songs at such breakneck speeds that you need to see them live in order to comprehend the intensity of their music. Lucky for you, Nails is playing at the Broadberry tonight with BRACEWARRRR *cough* sorry. Bracewar, Toxic Holocaust, and Gatecreeper. Tickets are $18.

Boston Manor – Pop-punk fans rejoice. The UK based band, Boston Manor, have been blowing up with their release of Be Nothing in September, 2016. This is a masterpiece for the genre and an album pop-punk fans will have no problems defending.

Real Friends – In lieu of the amount of hardcore/pop-punk in the playlist, I had to throw Real Friends in there. A band that does so well at expressing the emotion and passion in their music live, these guys will be performing at the Broadberry w/ Have Mercy, Tiny Moving Parts, Broadside and Nothing, Nowhere on May 28th.