VOTD: COIN – “Talk Too Much”

COIN’s music video for their 2016 single, “Talk Too Much”, was a milestone for the band in a way. I mean, over a million views on a video? That’s a milestone for any artist, especially for a band that released their debut album a mere 2 years ago. COIN has clearly caught wind of the mainstream media and have the sound to maintain that audience with their infectious blend of driven rock and indie-pop.

Directed by Kyle Thrash, the video puts you on the set of what looks like a romance-comedy TV show. The shots pan around to showcase the colorful set as well as the seemingly dysfunctional back-stage crew. While the premise of the video is hard to follow at times, the videography is superb and the colored backdrops behind the band are so aesthetically pleasing that it’s hard to pull your attention away from it. The yellow subtitles provide an explanation for the scenes in front of you while adding a bit of comedic effect. My favorite being the shot where lead singer, Chase Lawrence, looks annoyed with the photographers taking a bunch of polaroid shots of him and the rest of the band are handed the pictures to wave around so they develop (frontman duties / vs. rest of band problems).

According to Lawrence, “Talk Too Much” is about his conversational experiences. Sometimes we speak our minds without understanding the potential consequences it can have. Something I’m sure much of the general populace can relate to at some point in their lives whether its talking politics, a one on one date, or typical everyday conversation. (“Better to leave it unsaid” / Why
can’t I leave it unsaid?”). There’s also a more straightforward view of the lyrics when it comes to literally talking too much. There’s only so many hours in the day so let’s cut the pointless conversation and do something.

Alright I’ve talked too much. Catch COIN at the Broadberry on May 8th as they make their way through Richmond with A R I Z O N A! Tickets are available now and include a download of COIN’s forthcoming album.

-Cole Pearson