BB Appeteaser: Big Something, The Congress

To get you ready for Big Something and The Congress on April 7th, we’ve included a little taste of the incredible live show you can expect from both bands. The two songs were performed here at the Broadberry; Big Something in the summer of 2015 and local RVA jammer, The Congress, last September!

(Video Creds: Chris Larson)

If you haven’t heard of the multi-genre influenced Big Something yet, now’s a better time than any to get hooked on these guys. Inter-mingling different aspects of music is a bold task for any artist and one that is so commonly failed at, but these guys do it so well that you can’t help but appreciate the creativity in their composition. Their blend of rock, funk, hip-hop, and reggae is so well crafted that the only real way to appreciate it is, well, live. The song performed in the video, “Tumbleweed”, is the title track off their 4th LP which was recently released February 24th this year. It’s exhibit A when it comes to showing off the six piece’s contagious sound. Right off the bat you’re hit with a mix of psychedelic leads, synths, and funky guitar riffs that are so well complemented by guitarist/singer Nick MacDaniel’s versatile vocal style. Check out the video, whet your appetite a bit, and come out to see this powerhouse of a band perform what can only be described as pure entertainment.

(Video Creds: TheCongressMusic

Give it up for the hometown boys. RVA’s own, The Congress, have been killing it with the release of their sophomore album, The Game, last September and clearly have no intention of slowing down. As a band that expresses influences of rock, country, soul, and jazz through their music, the live video for “Oh Babe” displays how versatile and well-rounded they can be at a whim. The dynamics in their song composition and their synchronization in respect to these dynamics contributes to a fun and all around impressive live show. Support The Congress and local music scene at what’s shaping to be a killer Friday night of live music!

Big Something and The Congress play at the Broadberry on Friday, April 7th. Tickets are $15.

-Cole Pearson