#MusicMonday Playlist- Amelia’s Picks 04/10/17

Greetings! Today’s #MusicMonday playlist is brought to you by The Broadberry’s Amelia. Today’s playlist includes: Saintseneca, Fun Size and Parasites who will all be performing at The Broadberry this coming May 2017. Enjoy a mix of indie and pop/punk tunes on this beautiful, spring day in Richmond, Virginia.

Saintseneca is an indie folk band founded by singer/songwriter Zac Little. Their latest album was released in 2016, titled, “The Mallwalker”. My #MusicMonday Saintseneca tracks include: “Happy Alone”,  “All the Best”and “Sleeper Hold”. Saintseneca will be at The Broadberry joined by Tigers Jaw and Smidley on Monday, May 22nd, 2017.

Fun Size is a pop/punk band that was founded in the early 90’s with their latest album release in 2013 titled, “Since Last We Spoke”. Today’s playlist includes: “End of the Road'” and “Useless, Useless”. Parasites  is a punk band formed in the Bay Area in the late 80’s. My go-to songs are: “Hang Up” and “Oh, Oh I Love Her So”. Fun Size will be joined by Parasites, She’s a Legend and President Sam and will be at The Broadberry on Sunday, May 14th, 2017.

Join us at The Broadberry this coming May in welcoming all of these bands and check out our full list of events coming up at thebroadberry.com !

-Amelia Blair Langford