#Musicmonday Playlist – Adrianne’s Picks 4.17.17

Get over your rainy Monday blues with this week’s #MusicMonday selection, brought to you by The Broadberry intern Adrianne! It’s a bittersweet #MusicMonday, what with the spring BB interns closing in on their last week of the semester. Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the privilege of hearing a myriad of songs and artists, on Spotify and on stage. I essentially went through all the songs I’ve “shazamed” here at The Broadberry (surprise! there were lots), and tried to put together a kind of memoir. I snuck in some Sublime and Grateful Dead for the approaching summer feels. The playlist also includes a couple of upcoming BB performers like Sinkane, Anderson East, and Dopapod, so give ’em a listen and come see them play live here at The Broadberry!