Wild Adriatic – A Breath of Fresh Air

Wild Adriatic’s newest release, Feel, literally feels like a breath of fresh air. The power house trio from upstate New York have put out an album that stays dynamic from start to finish while maintaining that soulful rock foundation that has come to define the band’s sound. It’s groovy. It’s fun. It’s infectious, and it resonates with such body and force that it’s hard to imagine it only being produced by three guys.

From the get go, “Appleton” throws a blend of bluesy riffs at you by guitarist Travis Gray and bassist Rich Derbyshire kept tight knit by Mateo Vosganian’s rhythmic prowess. Once Gray’s vocals come in, it’s clear the band has achieved something special with their sound. The capabilities of the music are there, but it’s the soulful uniqueness of Gray’s vocals that bring everything together as one compelling juggernaut of musical composition. That’s one thing about the band that’s evident from the start. They’re tight and it’s one of the many aspects that make Wild Adriatic such strong live performers.

According to the band, an indication of their live performance was one of the goals of recording Feel. With the advancement of recording technology and the heavy use of digital sounds in this day and age’s music industry, Wild Adriatic chose to stray away these “tricks” of the studio and relied on their own capabilities as musicians. No click tracks. No samples. Just a band looking to create something defining and reminiscent of their live shows. Not saying anything against the recording studio; Frenchie Smith’s production quality is top notch but it’s easy to think to yourself without a doubt that, “this would be so good live,” while listening to the album.

On that note, Wild Adriatic hits Richmond tomorrow with Leopold & His Fiction as part of their spring tour. Check out Feel, learn some lyrics, and come groove with us. Some personal favorites are “Come Back Baby”, “From the Start”, and “Blaze of Love”. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 day of show.

Cole Pearson