Wild and Reckless: Blitzen Trapper a Band to Grow up With.

By: Jacob Ritter

If you have never heard of them, Blitzen Trapper is not a band to let slip by. They produce a sound so relevant to life that the messages in their songs carry with you forever. My connection with Blitzen Trapper started in 2008 after their album “Furr” was released. This was the album that signed them to Sub Pop records in Seattle, Washington.

As a teenager, this album harnessed a dark tone that, to me, made it feel okay to be a little radical. Those times of uncertainty and confusion growing up were put into perspective by the alternative country kings that are Blitzen Trapper.

The band is based out of Portland, Oregon, where they formed and began their musical journey together in the year 2000. Performing at a fairly constant rate and never letting their fans go too long without new music to listen to, it is easy to say they have a loyal fan base that shows up all around the U.S.

In this case The Broadberry in Richmond, VA, was the landing spot for the ragged group. From start to finish the venue was energetic from both the band and the crowd. Whether you are into hearing the lyrical side of Bob Dylan or the classic rock sounds of Neil Young and Springsteen, Blitzen Trapper will deliver a sound of your liking.

This was the third show of their tour supporting their newest album “Wild and Reckless,” that speaks of old country roots and times of letting loose. Songs like Rebel and Wild and Reckless describe the notion of never second-guessing yourself and finding passion in mistakes. At any stage in life this band will give you the contentment that is sometimes lost in any upbringing.

Many songs in their catalog offer visions of being young, finding love, or just simply living life. They create metaphors that are deep but simple enough to capture the meanings and channel the lessons. Like the song Furr a ballad about love and capturing beauty; it reveals the story of being young and experiencing these feelings.

This was my third and most favorite show I have seen of Blitzen Trapper. The Broadberry housed a packed crowd that knew what they were in for long before the band took the stage. The band’s sound was loud and progressive, never shorting the crowd of new surprises in songs old or new. The lights captured the moments with ease, setting the mood for either an old murder story like the song Black River Killer or elevating the crowd for a vibrant solo or sing along.

There were goose bumps and chills sent through the crowd while Blitzen Trapper delivered their roots to Richmond. The buzz of the show was extended way after the last note was played and the energy on high as I left the venue.

Contributing Writer: Jacob Ritter

Editors note: The Broadberry had just recently installed and upgraded their lights and programs for the stage one day before this show. Check out more shows like this and full calendar at thebroadberry.com
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