Today, the Summer 2018 interns wrap up their final day working at The Broadberry after four exciting and educational months. Before they continue on their individual career paths, they wanted to leave a few words about their experience here, and invite you to apply for an internship at The Broadberry this fall!


Alex Bloom

“As someone passionate about promoting and planning live music and special events, I knew that completing a marketing internship at one of my favorite music venues made perfect sense. I have definitely seen myself grow in the last few months, because supporting a small venue is never an easy feat! I loved every challenge, as each one exposed me to a different aspect of running the venue. In my time here, I was able to use my background in brand strategy to provide support to the venue’s promotional strategy, create content, communicate with potential clients, and did a plethora of other cool things! Not to mention, I got to enjoy free shows and discover new music. This internship is certainly what you make of it, so an eagerness to learn and step out of your comfort zone will make for an amazing few months!”


Eze Ragazzi

“Richmond is a musical city. It’s my home. The Broadberry, although catering to a variety of special events, is the best music venue in Richmond. As a junior in college looking for a summer internship involving the music industry, The Broadberry was my first choice. And I made the right choice. Working with The Broadberry’s team gave me hands-on knowledge on exactly what it takes to run the best music venue in Richmond. As a marketing intern, I learned key strategies for promoting artists and shows. The Broadberry team is liberal with advice and ready to answer questions. As a result, the educational ceiling is high. I certainly learned a lot and gained knowledge and experience that I will take with me into the future.”


Mattura Sam

“I’ve always lived in Richmond, or, rather, just outside of it. As an artist and graphic designer, I’ve spent the past few years becoming more and more interested with having some contribution to music. It’s not quite the gig poster or album cover I’d dreamt up as my first step post-college, but when I (accidentally) stumbled across The Broadberry’s internship application, I knew I had to give it a shot. It’s been an eye-opening experience seeing how much goes into making shows happen. It’s been great so sit through the occasional venue setup or soundcheck. Even better is the music I’ve been exposed to that I wouldn’t have found otherwise and how that’s influenced my work outside of The Broadberry. Pale Waves comes to mind as an unexpected favorite, being a metalhead and all. All in all, it’s been a wonderful time being surrounded by hard-working, kind individuals and I definitely plan on visiting The Broadberry more often knowing how much goes into it. Also because there are tons of framed gig posters that are just wonderful eye candy. Really love posters. A lot. Like more than sliced bread.”


To apply for the Fall Internship Program at The Broadberry, please visit to fill out an online application.