Noah Gundersen with Jonny G – October 20, 2019

Performing for the first time in Richmond with a live band, Noah Gundersen debuted his most recent album, “Lover,” in the Richmond Music Hall at Capital Ale House this past Sunday.


Noah Gundersen @ Richmond Music Hall October 20, 2019. Photo by Joe Jacoutot


Noah was opened by Jonny G, who performed a few short stream-of-conscious ballads. Jonny, gleaning with a happiness and an earned pride to be opening for his big-time older brother, performed a few songs that were accompanied with a keyboardist. The creative duo was welcomed comfortably by the audience, who was awaiting the gentle walk up of deep indie acoustic, American folk artist – Noah Gundersen.



Gundersen began his performance with his first single of the album, “Robin Williams”, revealing the deeply self-aware and emotional state that so well describes the potency and vulnerability of the entire self-exposé-like record. He was able to captivate the venue with his melodic rifts, revelatory lyrical arrangements, and invited his audience to join in his release of all inhibitions. Gundersen’s audience let his ethereal, and multi-dimensional melodies take them on a musical journey that addressed issues of love, drugs, spirituality, self-acceptance and the yearning for an internal peace.



Alternating between acoustic and electric guitar, Noah Gundersen combined his talents to permeate intense electronic arrangements to carry his listeners on an expansively emotional journey. Gundersen’s energy, if not verbalized with his vocal intensity, was personified in his movements onstage, inviting the crowd to move to the combined soundwaves of Alex Westcoat on the drums, Andrew Butler on the keyboard and guitar, and Erik Walters on the bass.



Noah Gundersen @ Richmond Music Hall October 20, 2019. Photo by Joe Jacoutot


Gundersen and his band ended the set with an encore piece, “All My Friends”, enlisting the services of the audience to accompany him in the chorus. An incredible end to an incredible show. Check out The Broadberry Entertainment Group for more shows in the greater Richmond area!


Words by Anna Menendez, Photos by Joe Jacoutot