Show Preview – KB & Gawvi: October 24, 2019


Considered an outlier to the contemporary hip-hop soundscape, KB comes to Richmond’s The Broadberry this Thursday as a well-decorated, Dove Award-winning Christian hip-hop artist with accolades spanning spots across Billboard charts in five different categories. KB will be performing with Gawvi, whose own production has reached #1 on both Billboard and iTunes and earned himself a Dove Award, to bring a unique and genre-defying lyricism to the hip-hop scene at large. KB, known personally as Kevin Elijah Burgess, has been on a whirlwind of creative musical output since he was a teenager and he brings his spiritual zeal to the forefront of his impassioned performances. 


The brunt of KB’s songs focus on the unquestioned power of the spiritual conviction he faced during tribulative years early in his career. Following an unfriendly divorce between his parents during his teenage years, he took to music as his personal escape and, eventually, as a salvational bridge to his own personal redemption. Before the start of his career, KB struggled with drugs and suicide contemplation in attempts to fill an empty void that would later be filled with Christian rap. 


KB brings a stark contrast between understandings of contemporary hip-hop and rap and his own personal twist on a gospelized version of the two. KB follows this artistic impulse to create deeply thematic and anthemic music that intends to focus on concepts of absolute freedom as the ultimate acts of rebellion. KB’s performances demonstrate his vocalized dexterity and takes on an intricate spew to ignite social and cultural conversations.   


It wasn’t until he was a college student that he discovered the existence of Christian rap and gospel hip-hop, and began to use those personal escapisms as vessels to spread his introspectively redemptive messages. Since signing with Reach Records, KB has released three full-length albums: Weight and Glory, Tomorrow We Live, Today We Rebel. As of this year, he has released two singles, “Lincoln” and “Hold Me Back,” both reaching Billboard’s Chart for Hot Christian Songs.


Check out his live performance with DJ, producer and hip-hop artist, Gawvi at The Broadberry tonight at 8 pm (doors open at 7 pm). 


by Anna Menendez