SOLD OUT: Matt Maeson Sunday November 3


As a Virginia native and the son of “musicianaries”, Matt Maeson’s musical journey began unconventionally. Maeson’s first musical performances started out in high-security prisons to inmates whose lives were tainted with some form of darkness that Maeson, himself, would later experience. Beginning as a young kid who started his career experimenting with the cathartic effects of music for those in the midst of prisons, to finding himself falling into the unsteady grasp of addiction, would Maeson eventually release two EPs and one full-length album, with his single, “Cringe” reaching the top of the charts in the genre. 


Maeson’s voyage to recognition is painted with personal tribulation that creeps it’s way into his poetic and intensely personal lyricism. His debut album, released earlier this year, is a thought-provoking, poignantly constructed, open document that gracefully acknowledges the demons he’s faced. Bank on a Funeral invites listeners to partake in difficult and experimental introspection, deconstructing the fine line between internal light and darkness.  



At 26 years old, Maeson has experienced levels of struggle, loss and an inherent brokenness that cooperatively construct the self-investigative framework of his raw songwriting, redefining what it means to be deeply vulnerable. Maeson’s folk-rock inspired vocal arrangements and his melodic tunes combine to create a salvational, gospel-like sound imbued with anecdotes of confessional story-telling. 


A now up and coming staple in the alternative rock and folk music genre, Matt Maeson brings a stark contrast between his brutally potent and self-aware lyrics with his brightly melodic, cheerful rhythms to The Broadberry on November 3rd. He’ll be performing with two-piece pop band from LA, Moby Rich, to bring a show imbedded with extraordinary visual and vocal performances.


Hopefully you have your tickets and we’ll see you there!


By Anna Menendez