Show Review – CRUMB @ The Broadberry (November 18, 2019)

Show Review – CRUMB @ The Broadberry (November 18, 2019)


Monday night, The Broadberry saw the sheer talents of a three-part show with performances ranging between groovy vibes from local artists, the influences of Columbian roots from a Chicagoan band and indie psych-rock melodies from a quartet hailing all the way from Brooklyn. 



A sold-out show, the perceptible energies from the audience coupled with the diverse sonics from the performers, made for a night filled with musical transcendence. Shormey Adumuah, a Virginia native, opened the show with a set imbued with a blend of disco and psychedelic influences. Shormey demonstrated a genre-defying and deeply rhythmic performance, engaging the audience with her relaxed vocals and bona fide funk. 


By the time Shormey ended her set, the entire venue was gleaming in anticipation for the next, soulful experience. A five- piece band, whose origins began more than 2,000 miles south of Richmond, in Bogo, Columbia, takes the stage. Divino Niño performs an eclectic set with songs that are both melodically mellow, as well as a mixture of indie psychedelic rock and electrically techno sounds. The band ends each song with an emphatic thrust of the ever-powerful thumbs up to capture the joy of the audience. Camilo Medina and Javier Forero bounce their vocals off one another to create syllabically stretched lyrics, manufacturing an intricate sound that identifies their latin roots. The pair embodies a latin groove both in their vocals and in their whimsical movements on stage, using a lyricism that is sensually emotional. Divino Niño combines random and seemingly unrelated sounds to create enigmatic beats that sway the heads and bodies of the audience. 


Divino Niño, a band that rightfully represents the universality of music, prepares the stage with a liveliness that Crumb takes in stride. 



Crumb begins their set and immediately fulfills the audience’s expectation of a synth, electric pop performance from the Brooklyn-based indie band. Lila Ramani’s vocals, when paired with the instrumentation of Brian Aronow, Jesse Brotter and Jonathan Gilad, transition the venue into a whimsical ethereality. The band’s complex sonic arrangements and colorful visuals take the listeners to an outwardly multidimensional path, painted with hypnotic and psychedelic ambience. The soft rock-jazz combinations and quick transitions to an electrically charged melody, mark the band as a modern retelling of an ambiently intense, yet calming musical voyage. With Aronow playing the keys (as well as an incredible electric sax performance, not to be forgotten), Brotter artistically plucking the bass, Gilad controlling the drums and Ramani’s extraordinary vocals, the entire audience is undergoing a musical trip.  


Last night was, quite literally, a magical show with performances that, although different, took the audience to a place of musical sanctuary. 


Be sure to check out The Last Waltz at The Broadberry this Friday for more musical escape! Doors open at 8 pm.